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Body oil Tropical island

Body oil Tropical island


Tropical fruits refresh and energize, relieve you from stress and daily worries. A pleasant aroma takes you to the golden beaches with ocean waves, where the sea wind gently caresses your skin and the sunlight is like gentle kisses... This is how natural Body Oil works.

Dreaming of a holiday in warm countries? A gentle product softly cares for skin, restoring its youth and elasticity, nourishes and moisturizes, gives the feeling of summer holidays. Body Oil with almond oil helps to feel great and stay fit, improves skin tone. Ideal for daily use.

  • Direction for use

    Massage a small amount of oil  onto your skin after showering or bathing  to protect your skin and  for deep moisturizing dry and tight skin.

  • Storage

    To achieve maximum shelf life products should be stored in a cool, dark place with the lid firmly attached to achieve an airtight seal.



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