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Body oil Secret garden

Body oil Secret garden


The mysterious garden beckons with the aromas of flowers and fruits, the delicate smell of herbs and honey. Just close your eyes, leaving a little Body Oil on your fingers, and one touch will take you to a summer evening with soft sunlight, pleasant warmth and garden paths.

The delightful moments that natural cosmetics gives are not only a storehouse of warm enchanting memories. This product gives skin tenderness and softness, nourishes it with moisture. Almond oil is the key to youth and gentle care. It gives plenty of pleasant emotions and helps to get rid of stress and negative feelings.

  • Direction for use

    massage a small amount of oil  onto your skin after showering or bathing  to protect your skin and  for deep moisturizing dry and tight skin.

  • Storage

    To achieve maximum shelf life products should be stored in a cool, dark place with the lid firmly attached to achieve an airtight seal.



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