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Body oil La Vie Parisienne

Body oil La Vie Parisienne


The aromas of Parisian life, amazing evenings in cafes on narrow streets, memories of elite alcohol and magic sweets – all these sensations are presented by French cosmetics. Body Oil gives you travel feelings, helps you to feel like a real Parisian woman, even in small things... And it's all due to the almond oil contained in this product!

A bouquet of healthy ingredients gives skin elasticity, moisturizes and smoothes small wrinkles, restores its tone lost due to stress. Apply the product with light massage movements, it helps to get rid of stress. A smile will appear on your face, you'll feel desirable, beautiful, charming, like a real Frenchwoman!

  • Direction for use

    massage a small amount of oil  onto your skin after showering or bathing  to protect your skin and  for deep moisturizing dry and tight skin.

  • Storage

    To achieve maximum shelf life products should be stored in a cool, dark place with the lid firmly attached to achieve an airtight seal.



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